'Assembly #1' - collectively imagining an Action Art alternative education programme

Took place at 'Truquet'
Simiane-la-Rotonde, France
August 2018.

Participating artists:

Marita Bullmann (DE) |
Ro Hardaker (UK) |
Jasper Llewellyn (UK) |
Alicia Radage (UK) |
Thomas Reul (DE) |

In this first symposium, a group of five artists from Germany and the UK collectively explored, through practice-driven experimentation, alternative approaches to Action Art pedagogy. The schedule was an ongoing construction, flexing and developing as the event progressed. Exercises and activities were suggested, and sometimes led, by individual artists. These included:

solo performances
object-making exercises
group improvisations
reading groups
site-specific actions

On the invitation of the town's Councillor for Culture, the group performed a performance score by Marilyn Arsem & Alastair Maclennan, 'Holding Time', while ascending the medieval town's cobbled streets. The performance lasted 2 hours.
Documentation of the performance can be found below.


'Holding Time'
by Marilyn Arsem & Alastair MacLennan. Performed by Marita Bullmann, Ro Hardaker, Jasper Llewellyn, Alicia Radage, Thomas Reul

Ro Hardaker

Ro Hardaker, Alicia Radage

Jasper Llewellyn

Ro Hardaker, Alicia Radage

Ro Hardaker

Ro Hardaker, Alicia Radage, Thomas Reul

Marita Bullmann, Alicia Radage

Jasper Llewellyn, Alicia Radage

Alicia Radage