'Clearing the land' - exercise/performance by Jade Blackstock, Ro Hardaker, Léann Herlihy, Jasper Llewellyn, Nika Lopez, Nicholas Tee


'Assembly #2' - "What would an art school, only for Action Artists, look like?"

Took place at 'Truquet'
Simiane-la-Rotonde, France
July 2019.

Participating artists:

Jade Blackstock |
Ro Hardaker |
Léann Herlihy |
Jasper Llewellyn |
Nika Lopez |
Alicia Radage |
Nicholas Tee |

The second Assembly symposium brought together a group of Action Artists from Spain, the UK, Singapore and Ireland for a two week long gathering. Over the course of the year between the two gatherings, we refined and clarified the core, foundational principles and objectives of Assembly, which resulted in an event that surpassed our expectations completely.

Assembly #2 followed the adaptable approach to structure and time-management established in Assembly #1, with a preliminary plan for the gathering sketched out at the start of the two weeks and then altered as the group's focus and interests developed. The group undertook a range of exercises and activities, including solo and group exercises. Some of these resulted in performative showings to the rest of the group, while others involved individual experiments with objects in the natural environment.

Public event | Assembly #2 culminated in a public performance and exhibition event, in which a local audience were invited to 'Truquet' to see live works, videos, drawings and objects created while on the workshop. Visitors were also invited to look through readings and other theoretical literature selected by the artists. The event was book-ended by a group discussion involving the artists, visitors and the organisers. Visitors were invited to share their impressions of the works performed and their thoughts on Action/Performance Art.
Documentation of the event can be found below.


Reading group

Léann Herlihy

Jade Blackstock

Alicia Radage

Meditation exercise

Final exhibition

Nicholas Tee, untitled performance at public event

Assembly #2 participants, with organisers Alicia & Jasper

Performance & drawing exercise

Jasper Llewellyn & Nika Lopez, untitled duo performance at public event

Jasper Llewellyn

Artist & visitor discussion at public event.

Jade Blackstock, untitled performance at public event

Nicholas Tee

Ro Hardaker

Nicholas Tee

Drawing exercise

Alicia Radage, untitled performance at public event

Nika Lopez, untitled object, presented as part of exhibition at public event

Nicholas Tee